Welcome to Natalie’s Community Changing Campaign!  Why community changing?  Because she’s encouraging volunteers like you to join her in doing things differently . . . things like public service instead of sign waving and walking or biking instead of driving.  Please see the Events page for upcoming projects.

Waialae dead bushes & Susan 4-22-18.JPG

Volunteers worked hard to clean out almost a dozen planters on Waialae Avenue in Kaimuki, picked up trash and weeded sidewalk areas.

We assisted Angel Network Charities with food distribution prior to the April 13th flooding and were on hand to clean up damage from the flood.  We were also proud to be able to help distribute food on their reopening day, June 7.

We inspected and labeled almost two hundred drains in Niu Valley and Aina Haina. In addition several damaged and blocked drains were reported to the city for fallow up.


We joined the Friends of Hanauma Bay in their quarterly cleanup on June 2. We also participated in the annual cleanup at Kewalo Basin Beach Park. 

You may wonder why sign waving isn’t on this list.  Let’s face it – sign waving is meant to distract drivers.  “Look at me!”  “Here I am!”  Natalie has shared her concerns about sign waving in public forums.  It would be hypocritical of her to change her stance now, and while compromise is something we look for in public servants, compromising her values would not be a good start to representing you on the council.

Please take a moment to sign up to volunteer. Got an idea?  Let us know.