My platform is built on a foundation of the U.S. Code of Ethics from 1958.  It is my sincere belief that this platform represents the right things to accomplish for the people who elect me to serve them and represent their interests.  Following is a summary of my platform.

Rail, Infrastructure, Affordable Housing and Homelessness

From rail’s inception through today, we have seen its costs increase time and time again, and we still do not know what the final construction cost will be.  It is taking resources away from other community needs such as roads, sewers, water and other infrastructure, affordable housing and homelessness.  

In addition, we must recognize that this puts extra pressure on homeowners living on fixed incomes and many more who are barely able to make ends meet, often to the point that even people who already own their own homes can no longer afford to keep them, thereby adding them to the list of those in need of affordable housing.

What I Will Do

About Rail.  I will continue to support a forensic investigation to dig into prior allegations about wrong doing and to look deeper into contracts and the money spent.  I also support stopping at Middle Street, then redirecting our limited budget to more pressing needs.  Service for TheBus from Middle Street should be increased and improved.  I also support ride hailing and ride sharing.

Money, Taxes and Fees.  As a CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner, I am qualified to analyze budgets and interpret financial reports.  Elect me, and I will: 

  • Review the city’s real property tax system, special funds, usage of sewer fees, prior expenditures, and selection and award processes for all city grants and propose changes accordingly to improve efficiencies and fairness;


  • Work with state administration and legislators to provide county access to limited taxpayer information that would assist in reviewing for compliance with state general excise tax and Transient Accommodations Tax laws;


  • Propose a bill regarding the Grants-in-Aid Commission to restore separate of powers and remove potential conflicts of interest; and


  • Follow up on businesses and organizations that are apparently not in compliance with laws.

Good Governance and Transparency.  Deals are being made without public input.  I will work to end this practice.

Homelessness is a huge and desperate problem.  Unfortunately, I do not know the answer.  I do know that pushing people around from place to place is not the solution.  What we need is a multi-faceted approach.  A good first step is to focus on helping those people who are homeless as a result of severe mental illness.  In addition, I continue to support housing first and partnerships with nonprofit organizations that provide services and assistance to the homeless population.

I am willing and able to add skills and abilities to our city council that will serve you well.  I pledge to honor the letter and spirit of the U.S. Code of Ethics from 1958.  To me, people who serve in public office are public servants.  The People are not Government’s clients.