In 2012 voters approved a charter amendment to create a Grants in Aid Fund that would set aside .5% of the city's general fund for qualified non-profit organizations.  I'm proud to say that the Department of Community Services implemented most of my recommendations for evaluating grant applications.

If elected to Honolulu City Council, I will look for other opportunities to improve city processes and use of limited taxpayer funds.

LHR lights from median 8-7-09.JPG

In 2009, Mufi Hannemann’s administration proposed using 40-year-old technology to add three times the amount of streetlighting to Lunalilo Home Road.  I met with a local expert on outdoor lighting, did some research and found out that there was another set of guidelines the city could use.  It required only twice the amount of lighting.  I provided the information to city staff, and they revised the project.

In addition, based on my suggestion, the council passed a law that all future streetlights must be “shielded” or have a flat lens, so that the light would be directed toward the street, not up and out.

If elected to Honolulu City Council, I would bring this same level of detail and research to other issues, especially with respect to options regarding rail.